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Finally, for the first time in a long and unparalleled career, Clive Smith releases the best of collection to best them all. The Colossal contains a track from each of Clive's 77 previous albums; an astounding run of creativity that put him up there with Bowie and Barlow in terms of effort. That he managed to release 77 albums on 77 different record labels only adds to his mystery and majesty. Clive is the man men wish they were and the man women wish their man was like too.

The collection comes in a very special package, containing 38 and a half newly pressed 7" vinyls and a 101 page book containing Clive's reminses from the 7 months he spent listening to his old albums and deciding on the tracklisting for this timeless and visionary collection.

Whether you are new to Clive or an old fan, we really neither mind nor care. Just buy this, now!

1. Theme To Clive Smith
2. Drive My Car
3. Drivin’ Me Crazy, Baby
4. Rockabilly Boogie Town
5. Never Doubt Me
6. Wheels On The Bus
7. Locking Wheelnut
8. Road To Hell (and back)
9. Silence Is My Only Friend
10. The Misery Suite
11. Here Comes Clive!
12. Slickback
13. Waterplaning Blues
14. The Silver Fox Enters Stage Right
15. Can You Dance To It?
16. Carriageway Croon
17. Junction Thirty Nine (live from J39)
18. Punk Rock Sucks!
19. I Remember Chorley
20. Herald (Today & Tomorrow)
21. Christian Verse (Pt 2)
22. Lord Above (Light My Road)
23. Catseye Lament
24. A Future’s Man
25. The Spaghetti Junction Incident
26. The Loneliest Man In The World
27. Network! Network!
28. New Is The Old New
29. Kids These Days
30. Never Gonna Change
31. The Laughing Gnome
32. Going For Gold
33. Keep On Truckin’
34. In Memory Of Our Brave Traffic Officers
35. Ringtone Song
36. Hidden Dance Move
37. Clive And The Ladies
38. All You All Want (Is To Fall In Love)
39. The Forever Falling Sands Of Time
40. D.I.S.C.O.C.L.I.V.E
41. New Labour, New Century, New Clive
42. My Old Shed (Clive Remix)
43. The New Sound
44. Variety Is The Spice Of Clive
45. Police Liasion Blues
46. If Only People Would Listen To Me
47. Screw You Fuel Tax!
48. Thatcher Was Right
49. Fly Me To The Moon
50. Theme To Cheers
51. My Lovely Wife
52. Lobley Speaks
53. Going Blind (In My Eyes)
54. Get Carter!
55. The Youth Of Today
56. Built To Last
57. September Years
58. The Falklands Will Forever Be Made Of British Soil
59. Clive’s Way Or The Highway
60. Thatcher Calypso Fury
61. I’m Not A Quiet Man
62. What Time Is Clive? (House Mix)
63. The More People Hate You The More It Shows You Are Definitely Right
64. Love On An Esculator
65. One Clive At A Time
66. Oh What A Lovely Pair!
67. Heavy Metal Motherfucker *
68. Always Look On The Clive Side Of Life
69. A Groovy Gridlock
70. Midas Loop
71. Black Ian Hislop
72. What Clubland Taught Me
73. Escape The Eighties
74. How I Conquered Rome
75. I Laugh In The Face Of Reggae
76. New Words / Old Tongue
77. Inside The Infinite

* "This was a serious mistep but I include it for my Ukranian fanbase"

Released by Electric Chevron Records

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