No Fear Of A Bland Future

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After the sell out success of his visionary and uncompromising Best-Of Collection, Clive Smith returns to what he does best: releasing visionary and uncompromising albums that redefine an age.

'No Fear Of A Bland Future' sees Clive develop a harder edged rock approach, taking in sounds as diverse as 'American Stadium Rock' and 'American Rock' and combining them with the everyman approach of cutting edge artists such as Snow Patrol and Kings Of Leon.

"I wanted to create an album that appealed to the masses" says Clive. "Not because I need the money or crave the exposure, but because I think music can be broad and personal at the same time. Just because you are stooping to someone's level doesn't mean you are talking down to them."

Freed from the dense politics and allusions of previous work, this is Clive as the everyman, the blue collar grafter who will lead the masses to a better place, or "die trying!" Clive jokes.

No Fear Of A Bland Future

Bring It Down.
Fly So High.
Something Called Love.
Borrowed Time.
Come On.
Hard Times.
Cut Down To Size.
Mystery Man.
By Your Side.
31 Days.

Available on CD. All copies come with a series of postcards featuring Clive with different hairstyles in a run down part of town looking into the middle distance. If he has time, he'll sign them.

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