(Don't) Forget About Clive

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The world has gone to shit. Kids with fancy haircuts parade around the precincts of our towns, across the schedules of our TV screens with little to nothing to say about this modern world. Music has become dull and predictable, and Clive Smith is the only man smart enough to realise this and talented enough to make an album that stands up against the mad, sick mess.

Recorded in 7 hours in Pontefract, (Don't) Forget About Clive is actually the culmination of 45 years hard graft at the top of his profession and sees him return to his pure punk roots, combining the revolutionary spirit of Billy Idol with the modern, in your face attitude of obscene punk starlet Pink.

Punk is the only future worth considering and no-one embodies that spirit more than this working class boy from Netherton, changing the world day by day. Born to entertain, Clive Smith is not afraid to educate too. That's what makes him the only man worth listening to in 21st Century Britain.


1. I Hate All The Bad Stuff
2. Sting Was A Punk Once, Remember
3. Fuck Face
4. Stop Being Horrible
5. Three Chords Is Three Chords Too Many
6. Right Here, Right Now, 2013
7. Shut Up
8. You Got A Problem Pal?
9. Together We Can Be Free
10. Lyrics In Crayon, Chords In DayGlo
11. Shouty Voice Girl
12. If You Want A Guitar, Go Get A Job
13. My Tax / Your Benefit
14. There’s Nothing Worse Than X, Y, Z

*To avoid accusations of selling out, and only being in the music biz for the money, Clive has decided this record not be made available to the public until 2062, despite the fact he will be dead by then.

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